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We can also upgrade or redecorate your bathroom and kitchen if you are in need of a remodeling job. All you have to do is call us; we'll give you a quote free of charge and start work quickly as possible.

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Ensure that the credentials of any plumber you want to work with is checked and confirmed including the license and certification before any work commences in your office or home!

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Our dedication towards serving Tuscon and its neighboring areas knows no bounds. We can proudly say that we always strive to stay up to date with the latest plumbing techniques to use them in providing quality residential and commercial plumbing to our customers. Our years of experience also serves as an added advantage for providing detailed expert plumbing services. Tucson plumbing services are here for you.

Our plumbing company in Tucson is a fully certified, licensed and insured company with skilled and trustworthy workers. Once you hire us, you can be rest assured that your work is in the hands of honest and qualified people. Our plumbing machinery is well packaged to handle any job that has to do with plumbing no matter how big or small. Plumbers Tucson AZ are very professional and carry out your project, be it big or small, quickly and efficiently.

Before we start working on the job, we provide you with a quote that explains the work that will be done and also gives you the price of any parts that you have to buy to complete the work. This is very useful to avoid any hassle on pricing after completion of the job. The quote is FREE of charge.

We have a longstanding reputation which was earned through hard work in this area. Satisfactory and efficient job equals a very happy customer, and we, plumbing Tucson az, strive to live up to our reputation in keeping you happy.

Who are we and how we work?

We employ some techniques to guarantee our customers a wonder experience. Some of them are:

  • Our technicians keep their work area clean always, and they all wear shoe covers. This saves extra time that would have been used for cleaning up when the job is done.
  • Our plumbers Tucson organize training sessions constantly to keep in touch with any new improvements in plumbing techniques. This helps us offer best solutions and provide you with even better services.
  • All our equipment and products are of good quality. Only straightforward work is welcome, no cutting of corners or botched handwork.
  • We dedicate our total attention to your job when we are working. We are dedicated to you for that period, and you can be rest assured that we, plumbing Tucson Arizona will not do a rush job for you.
  • We always try to carry our customers along every step of the way. We enlighten them on ways to conduct a cost-effective plumbing job in your home.
  • As our customer, you are also our friend and we do our best to make the relationship a long lasting one. We will always be there for you to solve any plumbing issues you may have.

Take that step today and reach us at 520-214-0525 and tell us about the plumbing job you need. We will provide a FREE quote for you at a great price. We await your call, and we assure you that you will have a great experience and even refer us to other people here in Tucson.

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24/7 emergency plumbing Tucson available—and we mean it!

We provide round the clock emergency plumbing Tucson AZ services. Whenever you need us, we are there. You don’t have to wait a whole day to fix your plumbing issues, just reach us on our emergency service line, and our technicians will be there in the blink of an eye.

No need to disrupt your daily plan because of plumbing issues, just call us, and we’ll be there to handle it.

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Our plumbers are professional and well qualified to handle drain cleaning and sewer tasks. We also provide other general plumbing services like water heater repair in Tucson, plumbing repairs, pipe cleaning, pipe rooter, faucet installation, boiler repair, boiler replacement, fixing of leaks, yard drain repair, basement flood pump-outs and any sink, tub or toilet repair or installation and sewer cleaning. Call drain cleaning Tucson team at any time for your plumbing emergency, and we’ll be there in 30 minutes. Emergency plumbing Tucson Arizona is available 24/7.

Our years of experience also serves as an added advantage for providing detailed plumbing services.

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7 Instances When to Call a Plumber

Everyone knows the woes of a leaky faucet or a toilet clog that can drive us crazy. A working plumbing system is not only necessary for your sanity, but for your comfort and hygiene as well. If you suspect any of these issues within your home, it is best to take care of the issue with proper maintenance and protect your home and health.

Water Heaters

Depending on the problem with the water heater, it is best to call a plumber unless you have experience or professional guidance. Repairing a water heater is not a simple process and many things can go wrong. Even something that seems as simple as a minor adjustment can have water leaking all over the place or causing even more damage. A professional plumber in Tucson will be able to properly assess and fix the situation.

Shower Valve Replacement

While there are many sites that claim you can do-it-yourself, finding the proper shower valve replacement and installing it can be time consuming and complex. There are many options when it comes to shower valve replacement that can make an already confusing choice even more difficult. Also, when
installing the shower valve, there is a good chance you may damage the shower walls in the process. This can be a pricey fix depending on what the shower wall is made of. A professional will know the proper valve for the job and can install it with little trouble.

Main Line Stoppage

If your toilet is backing up into the tubs and showers, there is most likely a problem with the main line. This requires special equipment in order to fix the problem. Clearing out the main line can be messy. While it is possible to rent the possible tools to do the job on your own, it is not advisable unless you have experience with these specialized tools. Messing with the main line can be dangerous and expensive to fix.

Tub Replacement

This is no easy task. Even a professional plumber Tucson considers this a big job. Replacing a tub can be an involved process that can take a serious amount of time for even the best of handymen. While it might sound simple to remove a tub and put in a new one, it can get out of control fast.

Required Permits

There are quite a few things that require a permit before you can proceed. Professional plumbers Tucson Arizona have working knowledge of when a permit is required (such a for bathroom remodels, adding a new gas line, or moving existing plumbing), the process required to obtain the permits, and the building codes to ensure the job passes any inspections.

Problems with a Sewer Line or Septic Tank Leaks

It is usually necessary for a plumber to dig up ground to access certain parts of the septic system. The septic tank is a delicate system and professional plumbers are trained to treat it so. Having a plumber there can help you avoid a messy disaster.

A Clog That Won’t Budge

If you have a clog in a drain, it can be really frustrating. Sometimes you are not able to remove the clog on your own. Before resorting to a caustic drain opener, call a plumber. A fully blocked drain can lead to damaged pipes if caustic drain opener is used. Tucson Plumbing is one of the most popular company in your local area, give us a call now!

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We Can Save You Lots of Money!

You may not like calling the plumber every time you have a small, little issue with your plumbing, so it makes sense if you’ve decided to take up a bit of DIY knowledge in order to avoid this from happening. However, the truth of the matter is that your little bit of DIY experience isn’t nearly the same as what a reliable and knowledgeable Tucson AZ plumber has to offer. And in the event that you do something to your home that is damaging, you could be in for a lot of repairs that you’ll need to hire someone to fix. Instead, here are some common things that a plumber can help you with, which will save you money in the long term.

A Toilet That Won’t Stop Running

If your toilet will not stop running, then your water bill is going to be through the roof when you get it at the end of the month. In most cases, a toilet that continuously runs has an issue either in the pipes or in the tank. However, if you do not know where to begin looking, then you could begin making things worse than they already were. To avoid this, plumbers in Tucson az can determine what reasons your toilet keeps running, as well as fix it in order to make sure that your water bill doesn’t ruin you. Call Tucson plumbing services and we will help you with your problems.

Backed Up Drains

Having a drain that is backed up may not seem like the end of the world. If the drain is in a part of your home that doesn’t get much attention, then you might think that you can go months without getting it fixed. However, this is not the case. The truth is that a backed up drain is bad for the plumbing throughout the entire home. It can cause an imbalance in pressure, and it also makes it difficult for water to be flushed properly. In addition, a backed up drain means that you won’t be able to flush your home of feces or waste, which will then just sit in your pipes. Determining where the pipes are blocked is likely going to take much more than your DIY experience, so hiring an emergency plumbing Tucson company will help keep your family clean and your home safe.

Leaking Faucets

Leaky faucets are incredibly annoying. On top of that, they can also be incredibly expensive as they start to rack up money on your water bill each month. You may think that you can just tighten up the faucet and that will fix things. However, this could actually be bad for your plumbing, as it could put pressure on other pipes throughout the home. Instead, you may need to figure out where the leak has occurred, as well as the best way to fix it. Did you know that a leaky faucet that drips only once a minute could waste more than 30 gallons of water per day? Not only is that number going to cost you a lot of money, but it’s also bad for the environment. To avoid this from happening to your home, simply call a plumber and have them fix the issue.

A Leaker Water Heater

Your water heater is something that should last you for years to come. However, in time, your water heater will likely either need to be repaired or replaced completely. If your water heater is leaking, then trying to fix it on your own can be dangerous. If you mistakenly take a coil out or set the temperature at the wrong level, you could be putting your entire family at risk. This is certainly not worth it and hiring a plumber is obviously a better choice. Plumbers have tools and experience that will determine exactly how your water heater should be operating, which will keep everyone inside your home safe.

You may think that hiring a plumber is an investment that you don’t want to make. That is why you should consider hiring plumbing Tucson az team. However, the greatest investment of all is likely going to be your home. Therefore, in order to keep your home in the best shape possible, pick up the phone and call a plumber when you need it most. Not only will they be able to easily inform you of the issues you are having, but they’ll be able to properly fix them and have your home’s plumbing running like it should be. So in case you are looking for any plumbing services, do not hesitate to contact plumbers Tucson Arizona, we will be happy to help you with any issues!