Top Ways to Maintain Your Drains

maintaining drains tucsonClogged or dirty drains are nobody’s friend. Not only do they look ugly by creating stains and interior gunk (signaling an unkempt area to guests) but they generate some pretty foul odors too. It’s important to maintain all your house drain systems to create a healthy, happy and well-functioning Tucson home. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to avoid a clogged drain, and many more easy and effective ways to clean one. Here are some of the best. In case those tips won’t help you and you are a Tucson resident, consider calling our Ace Plumbing company – read more about our services on homepage.

How to avoid dirty drains?

Scrape leftovers into a bin before washing up

Food wastage is meant for the bin. If you try to flush even small fragments down the drain, you’re likely to invite a build-up of decomposing matter somewhere in the pipes later on. So, before you wash up – either at the sink or with a dishwasher – take a moment to scrape into the bin all the leftovers you can. Lots of homeowners in Tucson make this mistakes.

Don’t use the toilet as a waste-bin for non-human products

Toilets were designed for flushing human waste only. If you try to use it for getting rid of anything else, you’re likely to suffer a clogged U-bend or worse. Not a problem anyone wants to be faced with. On The Guardian website, read an article on the 10 Things You Should Never Flush.

Flush out your sinks after you pour another liquid down them

Say you’ve just sloshed down the sink a jar of dirty water used for cleaning your paint brushes. Or, perhaps you’ve tipped out a liter of sour milk. Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to immediately turn on the tap and run the sink with water for a few seconds minimum.

What to use to clean dirty drains

Baking soda and vinegar

For when you’re dealing with stains and minor clogging: Pour one cup of white vinegar mixed with baking soda down your drain, and leave to soak for three hours. Afterwards, cleanse the sink with warm water.

Commercial drain cleaners

For when you want to go for the product solution: There are many out there on the market, which can come in liquids, gels, crystals and more. Try to choose the gentler, less caustic ones, and use them sparingly. Over-use of these products may end up corroding the insides of your drain pipes, and they’re also not the best for the environment. Find out more by heading to


Barbed plastic draining tool

For a cheap, chemical-free approach to unclogging drains: Available at a low-cost price online and in stores in Tucson, these tools are good for removing hairs, fibers and general waste. Taking care to avoid the barbs (hand protection is recommended), insert the cleaner as far into the drain as possible and then pull it slowly out. Dispose of all waste matter in a bin.


For when you want to manually get rid of a drain obstruction: Add a touch of petroleum jelly to the plunger to create a better seal around the rim. If you’re using the plunger in the sink, fill the basin until the plunger head is partially submerged. Press and pull up and down for about twenty seconds to create the water pressure needed to clear the obstruction.

Drain auger/plumber’s snake

For when you’re dealing with a major obstruction: Drain augers can either be hired or bought at a relatively cheap cost in lots of Tucson stores, especially if compared to the hire rate of a professional plumber. Carefully read the instructions and wear protective clothing before use (with work gloves, not latex gloves). Shaped as a long flexible cable with a cone-shaped metal corkscrew at the end, feed the drain auger cable up into your drain, cranking the mechanism with the other hand as you do so. When you encounter a clog, keep turning until you feel its resistance weakening. Slowly, reel the cable back in and dispose of the clog material in a waste bucket.

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