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Testing Your Water Pressure in Tucson

Do you know how to check the pressure levels in your home in Tucson?

Water pressure levels must be at very specific level of PSI (Pounds of water per square Inch) for you to be able to use your water at its optimum conditions. It is therefore very important that you regularly check your water pressure so it doesn’t go below or above the ideal conditions.

Water should not go too low or too high in any household as low water pressure can cause problems such as faulty showers or appliances and high water pressure can lead to stress on pipes or fixtures. To prevent these things from happening you can follow various steps, keep reading to find out more.

plumbing pressureChecking Pressure

To check if your water pressure in Tucson is too high or too low there are few ways you go about doing so. The best way to check would be to buy a pressure gauge from any hardware store and connect it to your house faucet. Turning on the hose faucet when all other water appliances are turned off will give you an accurate baseline reading of your water pressure. The PSI for you home should be between 30 and 80 PSI.

If you do not wish to purchase a pressure gauge there is a simpler way. You can check the water pressure by turning on shower and sink faucets in a bathroom then proceed to flush the toilet. Look out to see if the water flow from the faucet or shower slows significantly when the toilet is flushed there may be an issue with the water pressure. Read more about water pressure problems here.

Low/High Water Pressure Causes

There are various potential causes for low water pressure in Tucson, one possible cause is that there is a leak in your plumbing system. The leak allows for water to escape and slows the flow of water. Another reason for poor water flow could be a blockage in the pipes. In case your water is also draining very slowly, you should consider looking for drain cleaning services in Tucson.

Sometimes your water pressure problems could be up to a problem in the municipal water supply, in this case you should probably install a pressure tank and pump in your home, these will allow you to get a level of water pressure that suits you.

If the municipal line is your main problem you can also install a pressure regulator on the main water line coming into your home.

If you need help with water pressure problems, don’t hesitate to call our Tucson plumbing company.


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